Shipping between Europe and North America or South America

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Shipping between Europe and North America or Europe and South America

The shipment of RV and other vehicles travel takes place between Europe and North America respectively. between Europe and South America usually by RoRo (Roll-on-Roll-off) or containers.

Many travelers book for the crossing between North America and Europe at Seabridge, the with ACL shipped by RoRo. The shipment of motorhomes with ACL is from Germany (Hamburg) after Canada (Halifax) or to United States (Baltimore).

To South America, the campers are often via RoRo with Grimaldi transported, earlier to Buenos Aires (Argentina), today is the shipment from Germany to Montevideo (Uruguay). On the Grimaldi ships to South America, a cabin (Voyage by freighter) be booked, so that one travels with his vehicle on the same ship. This has the advantage, that his motorhome you at stops, when foreign persons for loading and unloading on the ship are, "Guarding" can. Furthermore, the Customs is easier, Since the vehicle at a regular border crossing and not as cargo is treated.

Travelers signs on their websites the experience and the necessary steps (Customs Clearance, Drug control, etc.) with the shipment of the vehicle. Addresses (Agent, Shipping company, Authorities), Freight charges, Port charges, GPS data of the necessary contact points are often well documented. The information known to us linked in the tables below. Please also the Guide to the Freight insurance on vehicle shipping Note.

Shipping between Europe and North America

Link to the information Shipping from - to by Year Language Hamburg (FROM) – Baltimore (United States)
Description of settlement
RoRo 2016 from Hamburg (FROM) -Halifax (CA)
Description of settlement
RoRo 2016 from Hamburg, Antwerp, Halifax, Baltimore, multiple shipments of 2009 to 2016 RoRo 2016 from
thebluetruck Basel (CH) -Elizabeth Harb. (US)
Toyota Landcruiser
Container 2010 in Hamburg (FROM) -Halifax (CA)
Description of Formalities
RoRo 2008 from

Shipping Germany (Emden) – Mexico (Veracruz) – Germany (Emden)

With the so-called “VW ship” (Volkswagen Group logistics) can be shipped to Mexico and vice versa vehicles by RoRo from Germany.

Booking of shipping
ASI auto shipment GmbH
Grey wall ring 50
27580 Bremerhaven

Tanja Holler
Tel: +49 471 142956-64
Da:: +49 471 142956-72

Mrs Renate Kukla
Tel: +49 471 142956-64
Da:: +49 471 142956-72

EVAG of Emden traffic and automotive society mbH
Automotive Division
Mrs Catharina Müller
Schweckendieckplatz 1
D-26721 Emden
Tel: +49 4921 895-130
Da:: +49 4921 895-144
Email: or

Agents in Mexico
Meritus de México S.A.
Mr. Miguel Angel Cisneros
AV. G. Zamora # 395
Col. Centro, C.P.. 91700
Veracruz, Veracruz
Tel: +52 229 9319168 / +52 229 9311300
Email: or

Beristain & Asociados, S.C..
Mr Victor M. LAU (speaks German)
Tel: +52 229 9896800
Extension: +52 229 9896803
Da:: +52 229 9381648
Mobile: +52 229 150 58 30

Return shipping USA – Germany

The following information is so far the only case known to us, had to be in the process so. The shipment took place in late 2016 instead of. Thanks to Magda & Monika for the info!

The travelers are originally from the south with the camper (VW bus) entered the United States. For the vehicle were in the US entry, as is customary in the US land entry date, issued no papers. The vehicle should after a US tour with ASI (S.O.) Jacksonville, Florida shipped to Germany.

The travelers were given by several customs agents, the statement, that the foreign vehicle without an official entry into the US a “non-registered alien in transit” is, which can be handled only in New York and shipped. The travelers have turned a customs agent in New York, the customs clearance of the vehicle in New York “non-registered alien in transit” has conducted. For this, the vehicle of Florida had to New York, where the shipment will be organized.

Custom Broker bei New York:
Allied CHB Inc.
Linden, New Jersey 07036
Mr Alex Levin
Tel: 908.291.8001
Da:: 908.543.3076

Shipping between Europe and South America

On the RoRo ships between Europe and South America, up to 12 Travel with passengers.

Link to the information Shipping from - to by Year Language Hamburg (FROM) – Montevideo, Uruguay (UY)
ONE expedition mobile
In two reports, life on board is described in detail.
RoRo 2017 from
gande2 Hamburg (FROM) – Montevideo, Uruguay (UY)
RMB motorhome
Description of cargo ship travel with photos of life on board
RoRo 2014 from
thebluetruck Montevideo, Uruguay (UY) -Hamburg (FROM)
Toyota Landcruiser
Worth reading: Thomas also has a Diary of the voyage by freighter created with great photos!
RoRo 2014 from
rocatama.NET Bremerhafen (FROM) – Montevideo (UY)
RoRo 2014 from Hamburg (FROM) – Montevideo (UY)
Frachtschiffreise mit Land Rover
RoRo 2014 from

Info Review
There are huge price differences at the RoRo shipment with Grimaldi of Montevideo to Hamburg. As Grimaldi is offered only through agencies, It means: Be sure to compare prices of the agencies! Price difference for Nissan Terrano: 300 EUR (Stand: 05/2016)

Container shipment between Europe and North / South America

Motorcycles and small cars can be shipped in containers between Europe and North America, or South America. The doorways of the container while pretending the maximum vehicle height/width.

Link to the addresses Description Language Gravel road Logistics GmbH
Tel: +49 4167 6996081

Information about the vehicle shipment in the container
Information about the shipment of motorcycles
Transport packaging for the motorcycle to the shipment


Shipowners for the Ro-Ro shipping between Europe and North America / South America

The following are some shipping companies, with those vehicles by RoRo between Europe and North America or South America can be shipped.

Link to the addresses Description Language
ACL ACL – Shipping Europe <> North America
Click here for the Shipping dates.
in Grimaldi – Shipping Europe <> South America
Click here for the Shipping dates.
from Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics
Overview map of routes from North America to Europe and Europe to North America.