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Information about the insurance for the camper in North America and South America

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Vehicle insurance in Central America and South America
In Central America and South America car insurance can be completed often bordering or close to the border with insurance offices in the respective countries. These insurances are not listed here. In South America, there are vehicle insurance, the Argentina and the countries (Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile) cover. So the caravan insurance in several countries can be reached.

Vehicle insurance United States & Canada
Car insurance Mexico
Vehicle insurance Guatemala
Vehicle insurance in Panama
Vehicle insurance South America (Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru)
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Vehicle insurance for United States and Canada

Website Description Language
Status Auto Insurance USA & Canada (13.09.2017)
for vehicles, which are not permitted in USA / Canada, are currently the following insurance known:Lions group
camper: no
CAR: Yes, also Defender, Mercedes G, Landcruiser (not HZJ79). Even with cabin, which is then not insured.
Motorcycle: Yes
ATV: YesThum Insurance
only Comprehensive!
Standard mobile homes up 20 Years: Yes
Standard campers 20+ Years: Individual decision
conversions (not a standard mobile home): Individual decision
In Thum can be insured directly or through Seabridge.

More details below! Lions Group International of SWFL
Mr Rudolf Reiterer (speaks German)
Tel: +1 239 425 5911
Da:: +1 888 867-2781
Insured is through progressive. Website: progressive.comUpdate 23.03.2017: From now on no new contracts for mobile homes without US approval. Existing contracts are renewed. Automobiles can be insured, Transporter (VW-Bus etc.) not. After a solution is sought. Click for details!Following vehicles can be insured:
• Automobiles, also Defender, Mercedes G, Landcruiser (not HZJ79)
• Motorcycles
• ATVs
• boats

No garage / residential address in United States needed!
Refund of unused premiums!
Garage status are possible (storage)

Offer vehicle insurance
For a quote the Application form fill out. Based on the data which creates Lions group a non-binding offer.

from, in Thum insurance agency, LLC
International insurance sales
Ms Sue blood
Tel: +1 616 957 2400
Da:: +1 616 957 1204
Offer z.B. Comprehensive cover from 3 months an.Lt. Travelers can only campers (kitchen, Bad, WC) be insured. The precise criteria are not known. Registration as a motor home is not relevant. More info S.U. 13.09.2017 (“conversions”)Update 24.12.2017: 2016 We were in all conventional insurance (also Thum) declined. Age and value of our Unimogs do not match. The reference to the “complete renovation” brought nothing. About Seabridge we got a confirmation within a few days of Thum. Account of the new cabin and photos of the vehicle were submitted. For 09/2017 can only 6/12 Months to complete. Several travelers and Seabridge confirmed the. The premium is now higher. Thanks for the info to Out & Ralph

Update 13.09.2017: According to Sue Blood can now also vehicles with vehicle age 20+ be insured. older for standard mobile homes as 20 Years and generally for all “conversions” (seemingly all vehicles, do not look like standard mobile home) is a current “Inspection Report” (z.B. TÜV) needed. If no current “Inspection Report” before (z.B. northbound travelers) you can contact Sue Blood, order to find a solution. This should be done in time, as more of the individual case will be considered and decided on insurance! Unfortunately transparent criteria for decision-making could not be called.

So I ask for information from the travelers, which such “Individual decision” have undergone! Other travelers experienced so at least, what she expects.


Mr trench 5
D-20459 Hamburg
Tel: + 49 40 25 17 21 50
Da:: + 49 40 25 17 21 21
Insurance cover is valid for Canada only, When start the journey in United States!Update 13.09.2017: Lt. Offers travelers Tourinsure no insurance for US / Canada to.
from, in The Sunrise group, LLC
Mr Michael A weeks
206 N. Woodland Blvd
DeLand, FL 32720
Tel: +1 386 738 2812
Insured is about AIG. Website: AIG.comUpdate 24.03.2017: Lt. Travelers are no longer offered the insurance for foreign vehicles.
in Sather's insurance
Mr. Pierre Gerardy
Tel: +1 805 644 8600 110,
Da:: +1 805 658 2347
Cell: +1 805 207 7813
Year-round comprehensive insurance, Lt. Passengers with refund of the unused period
Details: 24.03.2017: Lt. Travelers are no longer offered the insurance for foreign vehicles.

Car insurance for Mexico

Website Description Language
Tel: +1 928 214 9750 or +1 888 723 4617
Da:: +1 928 213 8476
Insured is about GNP, ABA, ACE or El Aguila
Web form for Requests
in Sanborn's Mexico insurance
Emanuel Garcia
Tel: +1 619 662 2830
Da:: +1 877 371 9105
in Lewis and Lewis
Mexican insurance broker
Tel: +1 310 207-7700
Da:: +1 310 207-7701
in Baja Bound Insurance Services Inc.
Tel: +1 619 702-4292
(Thanks for the information, Bettina & Norbert)

tip / Experience report accident (31.03.2018)
Travelers roamed a parked vehicle. Since the owner was nowhere to be, or negotiate a price for repair. to pay, the damaged vehicle was transported to the office of the traffic police. The travelers were accompanied in Womo to the office, To wait for the owner, will miss his vehicle yes. Over Easter, the day may take! After a call to the vehicle insurance ABA SEGUROS an employee of the insurance came and took care of everything. The travelers could continue.

Car insurance for Guatemala

Website Description Language All Risks Insurance Brokers, S.A.
Daniel Alvarado (speaks English)
7ª. Avenida "A" 4-40 Zona 9
Tel: (502) 2380-1108
Da: 2334-0561 & 2334-0603
Email (Central):
Can be completed online.
More details at Myrta & Ueli (Thanks for the information)

Vehicle insurance for Panama

Website Description Language Casa Matriz
Calle 50 y Calle Colombia, N ° 26
Panama, República de Panamá
Apartado postal 87-0289, Zona 7, Panama
Tel: 340-5400
Point of contact for the insurance when shipping to Panama.

Vehicle insurance for South America

Vehicle insurance for Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru

Website Description Language Speiser Asesores en Seguros
Lic. Roberto F. Speiser (speaks German)
Gisela Speiser (speaks German)
Insurance for Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile
from, in, is Klaus Schubert (speaks German, English, Spanish)
Insurance for Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru the Federación patronal fleet insurance. Older vehicles are accepted. Payment via an account in Germany or via PayPal. Processing can be done completely online.
More car insurance
from We could at MAPFRE in Montevideo a car insurance for MERCOSUR States (Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and Brazil) Completing the first floor in a friendly lady in English. Payment was made locally in US $ and we immediately got the insurance policy.
Thanks for the info to Stephanie & Matthias
in, is Mercatil Andina Seguros
This insurance was mentioned by travellers.
is Update 10.10.2017: There will be no insurance for foreign vehicles longer offered (Thank you Myrta & Ueli)
De Carlos E. Harnisch (speaks German)
5194 Villa Gral Belgrano
Insurance for Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru.

Information about vehicle insurance Review

Website Description Language Insurance for Peru, upon entry of Ecuador on La Balza from North America from

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