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Videos, and films from North America and South America along the Pan-American Highway

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Videos of Pan-American Highway travellers

Videos capture the Internet and so travelers self-made videos of their experiences in North America and South America publish more Panamericana.

The travel videos are varied and allow the viewer in the form of short videos, long movies, Time lapse footage, Participate in aerial photographs with diameter and animated slide shows on the travel adventures. Partly, the images are stored also spoken information. Mostly a lot of time was invested in creating the videos! The following table links to the sites of travellers or directly to YouTube/Vimeo, Depending on what at the time of linking more sense seemed.

Link to the videos Description Videos of Stefan & Thomas. Drone recordings! Time lapse video of the entire Pan-American Highway travel by Sabine & Andy
Panamericana Videos of the Panamericana travel by Andrea & Jonas Videos of the Panamericana travel by Bettina & Norbert
the Videos of the Panamericana travel by Karin & Manfred Videos of the Pan-American cycling trip by Nikolas (partly with Quadrocopter) Videos of the Panamericana travel by Lena & Marc Videos of the trip by Sandra and Markus South America video of the Pan-American Highway motorcycle tour by BEA & Helmut The Pan-American Highway film journey by Joséphine & Simon Panamericana travel by Petra & Klaus Panamericana travel in a motorhome with Inge & Heinz

Movies Panamericana travelers

Films and travel documentaries from Panamericana travelers.

Link to the videos Description
Panamericana Panamericana Expedition: With the VW bus from Alaska to Argentina
A new film about the Pan-American journey from Andrea & Jonas with the VW bus in the years 2016 / 2017. A total round trip documentary about the everyday, Insight into other cultures, Discussions with the police and the crossing of the Darien Gap.
Good eingesprochen right there with the right dose of historical information and great shots drones, where they are also useful. the nearly 90 Minute adventures are perfect for dark winter days or to set the mood for their own travel.

The DVD comes in a shrink-wrapped DVD box with 4farbigem Cover.

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Movies & Documentaries about the Pan-American Highway on YouTube

Some TV movies & Documentaries about the Pan-American Highway or certain routes in North America, and South America can be found on YouTube. Multi-part films is linked to the first part.

YouTube Adventure Panamericana (NDR)
YouTube Pan Americana: From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego (Reto Brennwald)
YouTube Pan Americana, The world dream Street (Hans Domnick)
YouTube South America's dream routes – Ruta 40 (Carsten Taka)
YouTube Patagonia: Land of wind and fire (Legendary routes)
YouTube Canada/Alaska: From Vancouver to anchorage (Legendary routes)
YouTube Peru: The Inca path (Legendary routes)