Ocean freight insurance

Guide to marine transport insurance in the vehicle shipping

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Ocean freight insurance

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Replacement value insurance
Calculation of the detectable replacement value, so that as new replacement can be made in the Teilschadenfall. Total loss compensation to the value of time is limited. Vehicle condition report (State Protocol) must be created prior to delivery to the port. Insurance applies from delivery of the vehicle to pick up in the port of destination. Replacement value insurance covers damage to the vehicle (No paint, Scratch, Marks, No rust). Insurance does not cover goods carried in the vehicle. GGF. Restrictions wg. Vehicle age (responsibility insurance).

Loss insurance (Risk of stranding)
Insurance covers loss of the vehicle and is calculated according to the usual value of the vehicle. Loss due to sinking or beaches of the vessel, Loss by fire on board etc.
Compensation in the event of damage is limited to the time value.
Insurance does not cover goods carried in the vehicle.

Data required for offer
Vehicle: Type, Manufacturer, Year of build, Replacement value, CA. Time value
Shipping: Ferry route, CA. Shipment date (Month/year)

Offer for RoRo, Flat rack, Container and for global routes.
Price depends on the risk of the route.

Price example Hamburg – Halifax (Stand: 03/2016)
Replacement value insurance: 0,45% of the replacement value
Loss insurance: 0,3% by the time value
(each case. Processing fee + Placement fee)

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Freight insurance value
The cargo vehicle from passing in the port is insured. In the basic tariff, the sinking of the vessel is insured.
The following risks can be negotiated upon request: Damage, Vandalism, Burglary, Fire, Water damage caused by the ship

Data required for offer
Vehicle data (if necessary. Copy of the vehicle registration document), Pictures of the vehicle, Travel data

Calculation example (Stand: 04/2016)
Vehicle value: 80.000€, Shipped from Hamburg to Halifax (19 Days at sea)
Post sinking of the ship : 250€
Post all insured risks: 500€
Our no-obligation insurance proposals are always individually created according to customer requirements.


All information without guarantee!