Travel Warnings for Northern- and South America

Specific incidents of info for Panamericana travelers

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Concrete travel warnings for North America and South America

Official travel warnings are usually rather general and you feel from these general safety recommendations only slightly addressed.
Here we refer to specific incidents – as robbery, Burglary, Theft – to travelers in North America and South America before certain places, To warn areas or tricks.

Link to the information Description Date Language Brazil, ferry Belem – Macapa bei Brief
Pirate attack a ferry between Belem and Macapá at Breves (map). The assault disappeared a family with 2 small children (Overlander) from the ferry. The family was found days later floating on driftwood. They are doing well under the circumstances. In September, a British woman killed in the Amazon.

Many thanks to Oak & I follow for reporting!

11/2017 in Costa Rica, Nicoya peninsula, Playa Hermosa
Breaking into the RV through the window at 30 Minutes absence. Lt. The number of burglaries in the region has increased police and European long term travellers generally.
02/2017 from
Anna Mexico, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Tabasco
During the strike, Chiapas is rides in the regions, Tabasco and Oaxaca especially refrain from. In the last two weeks we have come several times to roadblocks. Most looked while violent, were against us but ok. At two roadblocks in Chiapas, we were really afraid. They wanted money and us tourists 100 x more than by the locals. You pushed, to open the car and wanted to throw stones at the window. It was pretty scary. Also sitting at the blockades usually 5 to 8 Hours proof. That makes driving at night, you are in turn dangerous!
07/2016 Mexico, South of Topolobampo, Sinaloa
Two Australian surfer and travelers in the camper van were ambushed South of Topolobampo and killed.
Thank you to Connie and for reporting.
11/2015 in Mexico, Xalapa, Veracruz
Front of the anthropological museum in Xalapa, Veracruz was burglarized in the camper. The area is very busy, However, there are not many pedestrians.
11/2015 from
Joff Summerfield (FB) Ecuador, Santo Domingo
Armed robbery at Unicyclists the wild camping ca. 20 km south of Santo Domingo, Ecuador. Many thanks to Claudia for reporting.
11/2015 in Peru, Huacho
Armed robbery in Peru, 20 km north of Huacho above the cliffs on Pacific (GPS S 10.88521, In 77.70171). The place is as "Free camping" in Manual: Pan Americana reported on p.129. From further visits this place is strongly discouraged. Feedback from the Panamericana Forum is heard, that the entire region is uncertain at the moment for travelers and travelers should be extremely careful when searching for Sleepings. Many thanks to Klaus for reporting.
10/2015 from Mexico, Chiapas
Blockages in the state of Chiapas-Mexico Nothing has to be expected at all main and secondary roads of Chiapas with blockades. In part very aggressive Indios. Continued driving is possible only for cash.
10/2015 from
on.the.Panamericana Mexico, Ocosingo to Comitán
Attempted robbery in Chiapas, Mexico. Tim recommends to avoid minor roads in Chiapas.
CA. 8-10 Youths armed with machetes blocked the road with 2 large tree trunks and shot at the car in line with slingshots. Come only through luck and well-developed Toyota Land Cruiser without major damage it! (See illustrations)
11/2014 from
green-Minna-on world tour Guatemala, Lanquin after Sebol (Route 5)
About halfway through the 40-kilometer-terrain vehicle trail stopped me 6 Youth. What looked harmless enough at first, I was already more often stopped in Guatemala yes of children and gave them a few coins, turned out to be more dangerous. Especially when I first offered them coins, be darkened their faces and they demanded 100 $. After I explained to them, to be a prolific American Gringo, but is from Alemania and just not very rich, they were with 50 US Dollar agree. Escaping was not because of the road conditions inside. They were armed with machetes.
09/2014 from
kiwi-Pan Mexico, Nach Palenque Ocosingo
Heavy robbery by many people at a roadblock in Chiapas. Many thanks to Bears & Michel for reporting.

Update 10/2013: In Chiapas is currently increasingly expected to roadblocks. In addition to the attack on Kiwi Panamericana other travelers were attacked at a roadblock. Overall, the atmosphere is something
charged. Travellers should be cautious and check on site. Many thanks to Marina for reporting.

09/2013 in Argentina, Route 11, Km 506
A German camper traveled was in Argentina on the route 11 at kilometer 506 assaulted and murdered.
03/2013 from Colombia, Catatumbo region
Two German tourists were kidnapped in the village Teorama on the border with Venezuela in the north of the province of Norte de Santander in the Catatumbo region. Some Background information
Fortunately the travelers were now released.
02/2013 from
adventureamericas Peru, Region of Ocongate, Pallcca
An indescribable incident: Of greater than 30 Attacked people of a village, pelted with stones, chased, beaten, whipped, threatened with firearms and almost 11 Hours without water, eat, Detained overnight sleep.
Many thanks to Thomas and Shannon & Brenton for reporting.
12/2012 in Argentina, Buenos Aires
Express kidnappings by several bands on the highways in / around Buenos Aires
06/2012 in Honduras, Lago de Yojoa
Armed robbery on the way back (!) from the PANACAM Lodge on curvy gravel road
04/2012 from
croftsmexico.blogspot.MX Mexico, Sweet water, State of Veracruz
Armed robbery with use of firearms on the highway from the Camp Rancho Hermanos Graham Coming. This is not fake, is partly speculated how the Internet. We know the traveler, the bullet hole and had the ball in his hand!
03/2012 in Mexico, Ciudad Victoria
Armed robbery on the highway 50km N.. from Ciudad Victoria. At the same place there was already 2010 to raids.
01/2011 from

Warnings travelers

Warnings travelers against local tour operators, Shipping agents, Customs agents, Campsites, Hotels, Airlines etc.

Link Description Date Language
Elisabeth & Kurt Warning before Ferry Express (Ferry Panama – Colombia) 2016 from
Viviane & Holger After Burglary in our trucks on the Ro ro ship Agata M from SC-line and grand larceny, treated us the shipping company very demeaning. We were threatened with the police, because we allegedly rioted in the office of SC-Line in Cartagena, what is wrong. Tea Kalmbach representing the interests of the shipping company for the entire period and not responding even now on our emails. Info for intruder 2014 Hansueli warns of MAN-Star Motors workshop in Quito. The work is carried out inefficiently and incompletely. 2014 from
Britt & Inge When flying with Copa Airlines from Cartagena to Panama (On Bogota) Check-in was denied, since no onward ticket from Panama was present, although the shipping documents and a plane ticket from Mexico to Copenhagen was pre-shows. They had an onward ticket solve and remained at a sitting of the cost. 2014
Ines & Regu The free parking space in front of the entrance to the Volcan Poas in Costa Rica should be treated with caution. The police regularly patrolled and has already knocked on doors of campers and warned, that it was dangerous. In other campers were things, the outside were stolen. Please putting away everything or even look for another place for the night. 2014 from
Aly Aly cautions before shipment with Tea Kalmbach. 2014 from
travel Chrissi and Liehrly warn of the Hostel beautiful. They wanted shipping themselves and their motorcycles about Hostel Wunderbar. 2013 from
Marianne Marianne and Erik warn before shipment with Tea Kalmbach. With detailed cost comparison. 2013 in

Travel Warnings on other websites

Below links to the official travel warnings in the country information from the Foreign Office in Germany, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (EDA) Switzerland, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Austria and warnings on other websites.

Link to the information Description Language
Foreign Travel warnings from the Foreign Office in Germany from Federal Department of Foreign Affairs from Travel warnings from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Austria from World Travel Forum: Beware of traps! Travelers as victims from