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The FAQ answer the most important questions about the features of this website

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General questions about

A listing on free?
And. All entries in the travel info, the directory of the Panamericana and travelers in the search engine are free.

Is a backlink required?
No, There is no back-link requirement. We are pleased about every link to

How can I link
The following URLs may like to link to, since they remain accessible when substantive or technical changes:
Travel info:
Please select the link text itself each. Thanks for the link!

Why are Central America or. Central America so rarely mentioned?
We focus on the continents and so is Central America / Included Central America, by definition, in North America. North America stands for Alaska to Panama, So not for Canada and USA.

Is a commercial project?
No. is a private website, and has no income. The cost of server, Domains and theme are / were all carried themselves.

Questions about travel information

How do I add a link in the travel info?
There is also a matching Form.

Can I also enter information from external websites in the travel info?
Yes sure. Then you just the Form use.

What links are included in the travel info?
Any links to websites, contain Travel information for Panamericana travelers. In addition, the same criteria apply, as for the entry in the list of Panamericana travelers.

What information must be specified in an entry?
The link and the type of travel info (z.B. Shipping) are sufficient. Missing data, we will add.

Questions about the list of Panamericana travelers

How can I add a directory to the travel site?
Simply go to Enter travel site click and away you go.

Can I also enter foreign travel sites to Link Directory?
And. Then you just on Enter travel site click.

Which sites are added to the list?
All travel websites operated by Panamericana travelers can be entered. However, several countries in Latin America must be individually traveled by car or. have been touring. Canada / USA Travel we do not take on, especially since the official Panamericana starts so only in Mexico. Social media accounts are not sites.

Welcome are also sites Traveller, just prepare your travel and even content (Preparations, Vehicle, Team etc.) on your site. Thus, travelers can find in advance, starting at the same time.

Sites are not included, if
– the content according to German law is inadmissible
– is the featured site without adequate content
– the contents consist predominantly of Affiliate Programs
– contain pages PR services or links to
– the site is active in Link networks or sells links
– the site for other reasons not related to directory

Enter travel site: What do I enter in the individual fields?
The following fields are when entering a travel site available. Required fields are in form with a * marked. Please fill in as many fields. The editorial revision we reserve the right!

Travel site *. Here is the address (URL) registered the site. The address with http:// or. https:// start.
Description Please geared to the latest entries in the directory. The name, the vehicle and the destination should be found in the description.
Maximum 200 Use characters.
Vehicle In this menu, the vehicle type is selected. There are only entered websites of Panamericana self-propelled.
Travel Area please enter, whether you are traveling in North America and / or South America.
Travel direction The travel direction can be interesting for Nachreisende (Vehicle pick-up, Shipping etc.)
Travel with please specify, whether a child, and / or traveling with a dog.
GPS data If GPS can be found data on the site, please indicate here.
Period of travel Here the travel period (Annual figures) enter. z.B. »2018 – 2019 – 2020" (Plans to change course)
Email The e-mail address is meant for questions. The e-mail address does not appear in the directory.

* Do not confuse destination and travel direction! A complete Panamericana Travel is among North America, Entered South America and one of the two travel directions.
Who North "South and South" North travels, must also be the destination North America and South America Add. Separate North American / South America Travel, So without shipping between the Americas, are not entered in the travel direction, However, the travel area North and South America.

Why frequently »Miniature en génération" is displayed?
We use the free service, to generate the thumbnails of the sites on the list of travelers. The service has no picture (Thumbnail) created the travel site and can therefore also none View. Once the image is generated, it appears.

The order in which entries are displayed?
The sites are listed in alphabetical order.

Why are only Names mentioned in the directory?
Since Panamericana travelers normally duzen, also be used in the directory of the Panamericana travelers only the first name. Also for privacy we have the last name off, because not every traveler wants to be with his first and last names found in the search engines.

Why is lacking in our travel time next year?
We will bear the travel time only up to the current year, provided us the planned duration is not known. At the beginning of next year, this will be complemented, if you are still on the way. But you can also tell us the planned travel time, so that we can extend this night.

What do the Categories?
In the categories is Keywords (TAGS), associated with the link to a site. One site can have multiple tags to be assigned (z.B. North America, South America, Truck, GPS data). After clicking on a category, only the websites are displayed, which is assigned to this tag.

All trips All entries in the directory are displayed.
Latest trips New entries in the directory are displayed.
Current travel These travelers are driving.
Planned trips The trip is being prepared.
Completed travel This Panamericana trip has ended.
GPS data Websites with lots of GPS data.
North America * Travel Area: The journey through North America (with Central America).
South America * Travel Area: The journey through South America.
North → South ** Travel direction: South America from North America to.
South → North ** Travel direction: North America from South America to.
Child At least one child is traveling with.
Dog At least one travel with dog.
Pickup camper
Womo / Van / Bus
These categories show sites Traveller, who are traveling with a certain type of vehicle (z.B. for workshop addresses, Tyre Procurement, Route tips, Shipping)
CAR: Few travelers are also in the car on the road, which are for the time being entered in Womo / Van / Bus.
FROM Sites in German.
IN Websites in English.
FR Sites in French.
IS Websites in Spanish.
NL Websites in Dutch.
?? Websites in other languages.
Travel time The journey time is specified in annual figures in the description.

* Do not confuse destination and travel direction! A complete Panamericana Travel is among North America, Entered South America and one of the two travel directions.
** Do not confuse travel direction and destination! Who North "South and South" North travels, is must also be the destination North America and South America Add. Separate North American / South America Travel, So without shipping between the Americas, are not registered in the travel direction, However, the travel area North and South America.

How often the directory is updated?
New travel sites are registered within a few days, if we go have a viable internet connection available.

Why the websites are not rated?
We maintain a rating not useful. Travel sites pursue quite different goals. "A site" is almost a diary for those at home, »Website B" would like to share experiences and information with other travelers. The contents are so different, as the travelers themselves. And so different are the visitors. »Visitors 1" looking for casual travel diaries for entertainment in wintry Germany, "Visitors 2" by tangible information to prepare your trip. Therefore, the visitors are to form their own opinions and are not guided by reviews with colorful star.

On informative content of individual sites referenced in the travel info. These links provide orientation when searching for information, but make no evaluation component. If there is no link to a travel info? Please same enter! Here like to also point to travel information on its own website!

Questions to Panamericana Search

What is the Panamericana Search?
The Panamericana is a special search engine searches, seeks specifically to Panamericana sites. There are no sites appear in the search results, which have nothing to do with the information you are looking. This saves considerable time in researching Trip Information.

On which sites will be searched?
There is searched on the travel sites from the list of Panamericana travelers. These selected sites come with Panamericana information (z.B. Forums).

Do I need to submit my site separately in the Panamericana Search?
No, this is not necessary. The sites from the list of Panamericana travelers are automatically included in the search engine.

What has to do with Google search Panamericana?
The Panamericana search uses the services and technologies of search company Google. For this reason, the Google logo and also the well-known Google ads in the search results are displayed.

Why is my site not found?
The search engine uses Google technology Panamericana. The site must therefore be to find on Google, to be found by the search engine Panamericana. Deviations in the search results of Google and the search engine are Panamericana – According to Google – technically feasible anyway.

Why can be irrelevant sites with search results?
Please report this irrelevant search results with keyword and website, so that we can customize the configuration of the engine accordingly. Since there is no specific form for this case, out the contact form use.

Questions about the Panamericana News

What is Panda news?
Panamericana News linked to the latest news from Latin America and Canada / United States. Topics include travel information, Land & People, Culture, politics and the economy.

Where does the news come?
We receive messages from various sources and prepare to conduct automated searches in. The latest news are at the beginning. The selection of the messages displayed on the automated message mentioned in the country's name. The contents of the displayed messages reflect not always our opinion on specific topics.

List of news sources

Ministry of Foreign Affair Travel- and safety from the Federal Foreign Office.
Latina press Good site with extensive news from Latin America and Caribbean.
Amerika21 The portal Amerika21 created a broad Press. Unfortunately, the plugin the individual news sources used to PanamericanaInfo within the press mirror can not filter. Therefore, in the Pan-American news and news sites may be linked, to which we would not normally link.
Survival International Survival of Indigenous Peoples

How often the Panamericana News Updating?
Several times per hour, the website will be updated, if there are new messages.