E-mails from Rudi Reiterer (LIONS GROUP)

Detailed information about the changes in the Progressive Insurance RV, Automobiles

Please read both emails! In the second e-mail is about the demarcation RV, Transporter, CAR

Email 1

From: Rudolf Reiterer [mailto:Rudi@lionsgroupinsurance.com]
Posted: Thursday, 23. March 2017 09:44
At: email@panamericanainfo.com
Cc: ‘Jens Haselhuhn’
Subject: FW: Panamerica

Hello Joachim,

unfortunately have no good news!

Because of circumstances, who do not or in our control. Sphere of influence are, has our current INSURANCE Progressive Ins. for non-approved in the United States RVs and campers, which are only in transit, his program set in this area until further notice. Unfortunately, this applies to all agencies in the United States and was confirmed, that these have all been notified in writing.
If policies continue to be completed, these are explained by society as unacceptable and rescinded. Have unfortunately already received Terminations for our last two and have already given the customer notice.

However, existing customers are immune to this and existing policies can even be renewed. This will continue to receive the highest possible service, and continue to have the best possible insurance coverage.

It affects only RVs and campers. Autos, and motorhomes without registration as a motor home, we assure a normal car policy can continue to be acceptable. There is, however, a normal car insurance coverage and there are no supplementary conditions which are at a RV Police found. The cultivation in a car can therefore also not be insured.
Motorcycles, ATVs, Boats,.... continue to be no problem and insurable.

We are currently working on new insurance possibilities for this market to find and therefore are currently in direct contact with several companies. Until further notice, however we can in this area do not offer more insurance.

So I pray you the information in your website adapt and not sure whom do you want to do is inform.

We of course give all the customers we continue to write to know and have already prepared an email for this.
And as I said the auto policies are not affected and have traveled this week completed a couple.

When anything changes and we have found a new market, We give you immediately notice.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Rudi Reiterer

Email 2

From: Rudolf Reiterer [mailto:Rudi@lionsgroupinsurance.com]
Posted: Thursday, 23. March 2017 12:02
At: ‘PanamericanaInfo.com’
Cc: ‘Jens Haselhuhn’
Subject: RE: Panamerica

Hello Joachim,

like can publish my email.

The registration in Europe as a camper, played so far no role, since the categorization was made based on the guidelines of the company itself. Furthermore, the company is looking of course the vehicle to, and in the case of a sprinter, has for example not meet the guidelines for a mobile home, could not be insured as a passenger vehicle - Sprinter is a transporter - including no normal car in this sense.

It only can correct cars (CAR) be insured, as examples here would be, for example, Land Rover Defender or to name Mercedes G-Class - as pickups. Anything more about it, For example, VW T2- T5, Sprinter, or any other transporters conversions or even truck conversions, are now uninsurable.

With an insurance of a car the "possible liability" and that by changing to a $500,000 on $250,000 - the policies are no longer annual policies, but only semi-annual policies. The policies have a fixed term of 6 Months, but which can be then also quite EXTENDED. As well, the vehicle should have a camper construction, Although this is technically liability in the car Police insured, but has no "inventory insurance" or own comprehensive insurance - that is just pure liability.

So we have no possibility at present, Campers, to insure converted vans or trucks converted.

We had sporadic damages, but never anything larger one. I do not think, that the company has taken on this matter this decision.

Thank you and love greetings,

Rudolf Reiterer