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Spaces, Shelters in North America and South America

A covered parking, Parking or RV Storage is a place, where you can park your motor home in your absence. There are seats outside, Covered carports and parking spaces in halls. While in USA RV storages are easy to find, is to make Latin America a little more difficult a suitable parking place for the camper locate. This list is intended to make it easier. want to leave the country unless travelers, needs to be clarified with the local authorities, whether or. under what conditions the vehicle may remain in the country.

The list was created in a collaborative effort with many travelers, who are traveling along the Panamericana in North America and South America. Best of Thanks Martina & Lothar, Oak & I follow, Hildegart & Franz, Dagmar & Heinz, Silvia & Erich, Ilka & Günther, Katrin & Hans-Jürgen, Rachael & Stewart, Gitta & Peter, Margot & Volker, Out & Achim and to all anonymous helpers.

List of parking
The list of parking there for safety reasons only by e-mail
The current version is from 27.11.2017.

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Spaces Uruguay

2017 were in Uruguay seized on two parking spaces the parked vehicles there by Customs. The Customs took the view, that the travelers were not allowed to leave without vehicle the country. Courts have now decided, that the vehicles must be returned to the traveler. According to the emails from parking operators of customs now regrets the office by mistake and it will not happen again. This statement by customs there are apparently only orally. So that every traveler can get an idea, Here the collected information:

Update 31.12.2017
Quote from email from parking operators
…we had before 2 Weeks with a customs broker in close contact because of another thing. Questioned, but he has the previous information with the “Official oversight” confirmed!
Clear, Customs agents (So the freelancers, Get the stuff out of the customs for other people and companies) also have a personal interest, that the site remains interesting for tourists Uruguay.
again: NO CHANGES in the regulations / laws. 12 Months and freedom to travel. Recently, the Customs at the port Montevideo are also 12 Months. Otherwise who only 3 given month for vehicle.
Many greetings and a happy

Update 06.12.2017
Today we received mutatis mutandis below email from Uruguay
At first it seemed, as if two independent sources confirm the facts. Unfortunately, later found to, that the information comes from a source. So that the information is not verified. The next few days will hopefully bring certainty.

Quote from the e-mail from one of the two parking operators:
“ALL vehicles from Nueva Helvecia were released, what most already knew, but: Customs has promised, that there will be such an incident does not again.
Much more important: It will change in the future NOTHING the current requirement for tourist vehicles.
In plain English: Vehicles continue to receive a TVIP with 12 Months. The driver can leave the country as he wants.
This information comes directly occupied by the head of customs in Montevideo!”

Update 29.11.2017
Seized vehicles are free
Concerned have informed via e-mail, in that the Nueva Helvecia, Uruguay seized vehicles were officially released yesterday evening. All concerned a good onward journey!

Update 25.11.2017
Review of the seized vehicles in Nueva Helvecia, Uruguay
The judge ruled on Tuesday, that the vehicles are to be returned. The owners, they may already inhabit again, but not move from the plot. Customs must still issue the necessary papers, what should take about a week. The ruling applies only to the affected vehicles. With the judgment has not been clarified, whether it is simply park his vehicle in Uruguay and legally emigrate. In each case, travelers should first clarify that with the customs! The information submitted by stakeholders. Thanks a lot for this!

For the vehicles in the province of Colonia, it should already be a similar judgment.

The Foreign Office warns in Country information about Uruguay before stopping the vehicle.

All information without guarantee!