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Current info & Latest updates

17.03.18 Andrea & Thomas Starting in May in Halifax
14.03.18 Chris & Thomas Traveling in Bimobil Sprinter north
12.03.18 Barbara & Reinhard Starting in late May in Halifax
10.03.18 Accommodation places Updated (We are then time weg.com)
28.02.18 Update: Galapagos trip with saving tips (wildjourney)
26.02.18 Update: Slump in shipping (Miriam, 08/2017)
24.02.18 Panamericana Books Updated
22.02.18 Pan Americana workshops: Tire Chile supplemented
21.02.18 Pan Übernachtungsplätze Updated
19.02.18 Johanna & Johann Starting in June in Halifax
18.02.18 Update Auslandskrankenversicherungen (huk24.de)
17.02.18 6 family plans in South-wheel truck
14.02.18 Franziska & Hendrik in 18 months by 18 countries
12.02.18 Update Panda videos & Movies (einmalrundum.ch)
30.01.17 New: shipping with Caravan Shippers Hamburg
29.01.18 Shipping Europe – United revised & added
28.01.18 the & Dani im removed Landcruiser "Tico"
24.01.18 Johanna & Klaus are in the truck traveling south
21.01.18 Karim traveling in the Mercedes ML with off-road trailer
13.01.17 RoRo Cartagena – Veracruz added (dulliexploring.com)
11.01.18 Irmgard & Klaus travel in MAN south
07.01.18 Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway open (extension Dempster)
06.01.18 Again vehicles broken! (amigo-on-tour, schallernet)
31.12.17 Update: Spaces Uruguay (new e-mail from Space Operator)
30.12.17 Denis & Corinne Traveling in itself converted VW Bus
25.12.17 break stories – new book about long-term travel
19.12.17 Large Buenos Aires: again broken vehicle!
17.12.17 Out & Ralph along the Pan in Unimog
11.12.17 Female & Christian travel with social projects
07.12.17 Olaf in the Sprinter from Alaska to Feuerland
03.12.17 Honduras: Curfew after riots
02.12.17 Margit & Gerhard traveling from Halifax to Panama
28.11.17 Stefan & Thomas Toyota in south (class photos!)
25.11.17 sentence for confiscated vehicles in Uruguay
25.11.17 Ellen & Perry Traveling in 4×4 Truck through South America
21.11.17 Jamaliah & Rudy Starting in January in South America
14.11.17 Update: Vehicle insurance South America (mapfre.com.uy)
08.11.17 Pirate Attack Ferry in Brazil
06.11.17 Stephanie & Matthias are with Erwin on world tour
31.10.17 Gabi & Chris in the pickup camper through South America
29.10.17 Marc & Mathias travel with their VW bus southwards
22.10.17 RoRo Hamburg – Montevideo, Uruguay added (suitaontour.com)
16.10.17 New book Carretera Panamericana Sur added
14.10.17 Update: Car insurance for Mexico (bajabound.com)
10.10.17 Car insurance for Peru (underway.ch)
10.10.17 Update Vehicle insurance South America (gruposancristobal)
04.10.17 Katrin & Dieter with VW-Bus & Motorcycle in South America
01.10.17 Panamericana Expedition: New film by Andrea & Jonas
21.09.17 Lions insured Land Cruiser, except HZJ79
19.09.17 ZDFinfo (to 02.10): The Ring of Fire (Alaska to Tierra del Fuego)
12.09.17 Dear & Hifi are Landy through South America on the road
07.09.17 Several Atlantic hurricanes threaten Mexico, United States, Caribbean
06.09.17 travelogue & Galapagos info added (underway.ch)
28.08.17 RoRo: 2 vehicles on Large Buenos Aires broken up
23.08.17 family traveling in a VW bus from Canada to Costa Rica
14.08.17 Update: RoRo Europa – North America (dergrossewagen)
09.08.17 Christine & Peter just start by cargo ship to SA
03.08.17 eBook: 100 ask & Answers after a year on the road
02.08.17 Roland looking fellow riders / in South America with horses
01.08.17 Better Travel Photos: Free eBook "See and figures"
30.07.17 Aylin & David are since 2 Months traveling in a VW bus
26.07.17 Patricia & Me Start of Costa Rica in the converted bus
24.07.17 Costa Rica: Vukan Poás by. activity locked
24.07.17 again travel by motorcycle from USA to Chile
21.07.17 his & Niklas travel by T5 from Halifax to Panama
17.07.17 Tanja & Bernhard Toyota in traveling around the world in stages
14.07.17 Peru: Macchu Picchu tourists stranded
11.07.17 Shipping Veracruz – Cartagena (Update underway.ch)
11.07.17 Emergency in BC by. forest fires (Wildfire Status)

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